The overall vision for the CDT and the related UK Research Centre in NDE is to develop step-change NDE technology to meet new engineering challenges identified by some of the most important industrial growth sectors in the UK economy, by exploiting a powerful range of world leading multi-disciplinary research capabilities.

The aim for this new Centre is to move the focus of research in NDE from qualitative to quantitative methods, and hence integrate NDE into the engineering life cycle. The research will be directed towards the long term vision for NDE requirements developed by our industrial partners. The challenges include meeting the demands of new manufacturing processes, new engineering designs and materials, new operating conditions and life extension of ageing infrastructure.

Research projects will span the range of topics indicated in the diagram below.

Enhancing Quantitative NDE
  • Advanced sensors; improved defect detection; 3D imaging.
  • Techniques for challenging and new engineering materials.
  • Techniques for damage precursor detection & material property measurement.
  • Improved & validated physical models.
  • Improved scientific understanding of NDE performance.
Delivering Quantitative NDE
  • Robotic and automated inspection – at manufacture and in-service.
  • Improved inspection reliability; minimising human factors.
  • Deployment for difficult access and hostile environments.
  • High temperature sensors.
  • Faster and more accurate large area coverage.
NDE for Quantitative Monitoring & Smart structures
  • Permanent & embedded sensors.
  • Deployment & data handling strategies.
  • New methods for in-service and on-load monitoring.
  • Miniaturised & wireless systems.
  • Use of emerging power scavenging technologies.

Examples of previous projects