The Centre


RR_trentThe NDE industry needs new technology, new interdisciplinary alliances and new people to meet its targets. The ability of RCNDE to bridge gaps between communities and train engineers is vital to long term industrial and academic success. RCNDE therefore has a wide portfolio of activities from longer-term, higher risk adventurous research, through medium-term application research and short-term practical developments to technology transfer activities. The Management Board will ensure our research is exploited, and RCNDE will seek to collaborate with all parts of industry to facilitate this in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The research groups encompass a broad range of technical disciplines, and additional academic collaborations ensure gaps in technology and expertise are filled. Industrial membership is open to all organisations, and is primarily intended for industries in which NDE plays an important role for:

The NDE supply chain is a vital element for successfully transferring technological advances arising from university research to their eventual practical application in industry. The Centre involves all parts of the NDE supply chain through Associate membership, including SMEs as well as larger organisations offering training, consultancy, field services and hardware.


Vision and Objectives

Shell_platformThe UK Research Centre in NDE links university research with industrial NDE users to create a world-leading centre of excellence in NDE research. It combines innovative science with industrial applicability, with three overarching objectives:

Excellence in exploitable research, building on world-class research, developing new research themes to meet industrial needs, developing overseas relationships, building a critical mass team of interacting scientists and engineers.

Industrial benefit at low cost, directing research at industry’s problems, promoting technology transfer from research to application, providing resources for problem solving.

Raising quality of industrial NDE, training highly educated engineer recruits and refreshing the industrial skill base through exchange and networking.

More detailed objectives include: